The BetAmerica sportsbook brand is owned by Churchill Downs. Eventually they will be merging it into their current TwinSpires sportsbook brand. The accounts will transfer over when they eventually finish the merge, so your account will still be active. 

BetAmerica Sportsbook Deposit Bonus

BetAmerica does offer a sportsbook bonus, but it is not a big one. They will match your first deposit, but only up to $50. I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and turn down free money, but you do get more bang for your book with most other sportsbooks when it comes to a sign up bonus. 

Sign up for BetAmerica here.

Bets Offered at BetAmerica

BetAmerica offers the standard spread, moneyline, and total bets that you see at most reputable sportsbooks on most major markets. They do also offer parlays, prop bets and futures wagers as well. They offer alternate line bets on sides as well as some prop bets, so the wagering menu is robust.

Sports You Can Bet on at BetAmerica Sportsbook

BetAmerica also offers the ability to bet on a wide range of sports. More may be added when in season, but for now the lobby includes:

  • Football
  • NCAA football
  • Basketball
  • NCAA basketball
  • MLB
  • MLS
  • MMA
  • Golf
  • NHL
  • Cycling
  • Rugby
  • ATP
  • WTA
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Soccer

Does BetAmerica have a mobile app?

They do have a mobile app. It is nowhere near as advanced as the TwinSpires app, but TwinSpires is currently only available in a few states. Eventually the two are going to merge and the TwinSpires technology platform will be the one that they continue to use. It makes a lot of sense since that is the better of the two platforms.

How to Download on iOS

The iOS download for apple is straightforward. You can currently find BetAmerica in the App store. Once you download the app, you can sign up for an account right through their sign in page. You can also sign up beforehand on the web and just use that log in on the app to get into the wagering menu. 

How to Download on Android

Android is a tad more complicated. Google does not allow gambling apps in their store, so you have to download directly from the website. I would recommend going to the website and signing up for a new account first. At the end of that sign up process you will see the android icon next to a download of the BetAmerica Android app. You have to give your phone permission to download it off the internet. Once you do that, just open the app and put in your login information to be good to go. 

How Do I Deposit at BetAmerica Sportsbook?

BetAmerica uses the payplus system to deposit. For those not familiar with it, it acts like an online credit or debit card. If you want to fund an account with a credit or debit card here, you first make the transaction to payplus and then use that payplus account to fund your BetAmerica account. It is an extra step, but one that is not too complicated to understand. In addition, they do offer other funding methods such as PayPal, Skrill, PayNearMe, PayLucky, and Green Dot Echecks. You can also fund directly from some brick-and-mortar locations owned by Churchill Downs. 

BetAmerica Sportsbook Review

I do like the BetAmerica offerings, even though the mobile app itself is not the easiest to navigate. Remember they will be merging with TwinSpires platform soon and that is where the money and technology have been upgraded. BetAmerica does not have the best bonus offers, but they do have a robust number of sports and wagers that you can make. It’s definitely worth it to take advantage of having another out and you never turn down free money, even if it’s not a ton of it they are offering you. Overall the product is middle of the pack, with an expected jump in user experience coming soon when they merge the platforms. 

BetAmerica Sportsbook Frequently Asked Questions

Is BetAmerica Sportsbook legal?

BetAmerica is a subsidiary of Churchill Downs Inc and is 100% safe and legal in the jurisdictions where Churchill is licensed. Churchill owns two apps, BetAmerica and TwinSpires, so check which if either is available in your state before proceeding. 

Where can I play BetAmerica Sportsbook?

Currently BetAmerica is only offered in a few states. Once they merge with TwinSpires, that number will grow. They also plan to expand their reach as more and more states continue to come online. Currently you can play in: NJ, PA, MS, IN, MI, CO, IL