This weekend marks the round of 16 for the European Cup. Tipico Sportsbook started off in Europe, so there’s have a big soccer following. I never pretend to be something I am not, and one thing I am definitely not is a soccer pundit. One thing I definitely know is that if you want to win at a sport you don’t understand how to bet on, you need a ringer. A ringer is someone who does know what they are doing and by following them it makes it look like you know what you are doing. 

Can Italy win it all?

I really want to say yes as an Italian here, but the better answer is probably no. The Italian soccer league used to be one of the strongest in the world, but now it seems to be very top heavy and dominated by foreigners. This is not the worst thing, but it does limit the home-grown talent that used to come through the Serie A and into the national team. The Italians have a pretty good draw for round 1, but they would have a tough road to the finals. In fact, they are +125 to even make it to the semifinal this round and +330 to make it to the finals. I wish I had better news and honestly upsets do happen, but just on straight talent they are a step or two below the most elite tier. 

Who is the best bet to win the Euros?

I hate playing chalk, but I do think the French have the best chance to take it all down. They are the shortest price I see on Tipico for a finals appearance at +220. They have some of the best attacking goal scorers in the world. They have four different guys who are deadly in attack and another handful on the bench. They are +220 to win it all and frankly are a deserving favorite. 

Who is the best bet at the Euros 2020? 

If you want to be the champ, you have to beat the champ. The defending champ is Portugal, so people from all over the world saw how good they were. According to FTN’s soccer expert, Albert Vartanian, they are one of the more undervalued team. They added a ton to their midfield and scoring to compliment Cristiano Ronaldo. They were as much as +900 early on to win, but that number has since dropped to +700. They certain have the offensive firepower to do it, but the defense has always been the bigger issue. 

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