As we inch closer to NFL free agency, the biggest storylines are where will star quarterbacks end up. Houston Texans are at an impasse with star 25-year-old Deshaun Watson, who has said he will never play for the organization again and demanded a trade. Former Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson wants out from Seattle, and the Seahawks appear to be inclined to grant him his wish. While not on the level of the other two quarterbacks, former No. 3 overall pick Sam Darnold is on a Jets team holding the second overall pick. They may replace him in the draft and trade him or use him as a piece to acquire one of the two aforementioned quarterbacks.

The hot stove is one of the most fun aspect of sports, and at DraftKings Sportsbook you can bet on where these three players land. Find the odds and best bets for each player below.

Deshaun Watson destined for the Big Apple?


A look at the top teams in terms of odds to land Deshaun Watson.



New York Jets +1100 — 1u
Miami Dolphins +800 — 0.5u

There continues to be developing news in this area, as just a few weeks ago the reports were that the Texans wouldn't even accept phone calls on Watson. Just a few days ago, prestigious Texans reporter John McClain said that of course they are taking calls and listening to offers, and just Wednesday Jim Trotter tweeted that he gets the sense from new head coach David Culley that the Texans are ready to move on from Watson. The line movement has reflected this as the Houston Texans currently sit at +175 to be the first team Watson plays a snap for in 2021. Trading a franchise QB coming off a historically great year who is only 25 years old is unheard of, but it appears it could be set to happen.

What would it take to land Watson in a trade? A fortune, the kind of assets only two teams have — the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. It would take at least three first-round picks along with at least one solid young defensive player. Worth remembering: One thing that appears to get lost on people is that not all first-round picks are the same. The Jets’ second overall selection and the Dolphins’ third are nearly three times more valuable than the Bears’ 20th overall selection, yet somehow the Bears outrank them on the odds list. John McClain said, “It’s not going to be the Bears, or the Panthers, or the Broncos, or Washington. It’s got to be one of the other two teams (Dolphins and Jets), and to me, the only viable one is the Jets.”

People will point out that the Jets have one of the worst rosters in football and ask why he would want to go there when they will have to spend so much draft capital to get him. I think it will cost them multiple firsts — trading Sam Darnold for a late first- or early second-round pick, which then goes to Houston — and defensive starter Marcus Maye. However, the Jets have the flexibility to have $90 million in cap space and build their roster through the best free agency class in a long time. As well as have enough picks to still maintain building through the draft.

Russell Wilson a Chicago Bear?


A look at the top teams in terms of odds to land Russell Wilson.



Chicago Bears — 1u

The Seahawks are determined to run the ball, and Wilson is determined to win. With their ideals not lining up, Wilson is ready to move on from Seattle with the most recent report being that the Seahawks are ready to make his wish come true.