NFL Week 1 Predictions

The week 1 NFL sports betting picks video takes a look at the opening lines from DraftKings sports book and FanDuel sports book to find the best available price in the market. Host Benny Ricciardi makes his NFL week 1 predictions for each game based on his power ratings. Benny finds his favorite bets for the week by searching for the biggest difference between his predicted line and the actual odds. 

NFL Week 1 Odds

The NFL sports betting picks video looks at the opening NFL DraftKings odds and FanDuel NFL odds released the Sunday night before the start of the next NFL week. The game tiles below are updated in real time. They show the current best odds being offered in the betting markets for each game. Odds will move throughout the week, so make sure to watch the opening line video as soon as it is released after the Sunday Night Football game. To see the point totals for each game, click here


New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons odds




Cleveland Browns vs Carolina Panthers odds




San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears odds




Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals odds




Philadelphia Eagles vs Detroit Lions odds




Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans odds




New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins odds




Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Jets odds




Jacksonville Jaguars @ Washington Commanders odds




New York Giants @ Tennessee Titans odds




Kansas City Chiefs @ Arizona Cardinals odds




Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings odds




Las Vegas Raiders @ Los Angeles Chargers odds




Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys odds



Denver Broncos @ Seattle Seahawks odds



How to read NFL odds

To understand how to read NFL odds boards, you must first understand what you are looking at. A typical NFL odds feed shows three different markets. They are the spread, the total, and the moneyline. The spread is the number of points the betting market feels they would need to give to one team or take away from the other in order for the two team’s chances of winning to be considered close to equal. This number usually appears first in an odds box. The middle number is reserved for the point total of the game. The point total of a game is calculated by adding the final score for each team together. You can bet whether you think that total will be over or under the listed number. The last bet type shown is the moneyline. No points are added or subtracted from the final score with a moneyline bet. It is a pure bet on which of the teams will win the game. The more likely a team is to win, the lower the moneyline and corresponding payout will go. Conversely, underdogs that are unlikely to win will have much higher payouts if they do.