Favorite(s): Creighton, UConn
Value: Seton Hall (+1500 FD)

Tier 1: Creighton
Tier 2: Villanova, UConn
Tier 3: Seton Hall, Xavier, Marquette, Providence, St. John’s
Tier 4: Butler, Georgetown
Tier 5: DePaul

Ding dong ... is the witch dead?

Villanova sailed through the season as the apparent league favorite, but Collin Gillespie’s season-ending knee tear and Justin Moore’s “significant” ankle sprain relegate the ‘Cats to Tier 2 status. Moore is almost certainly out for the duration of Nova’s stay at MSG, casting Jay Wright an incredibly difficult blow for a team only starting to figure out how to replace an irreplaceable four-year point guard. Nova is in the bottom 20 nationally in bench minutes, and Wright almost always operates a...

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