We’ve officially finished 12 weeks of the 2021 NFL season with six weeks remaining. and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are back to being the betting favorites for Super Bowl 56 odds.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers moved at +500 (13.8% implied probability) at BetMGM after a come-from-behind win over the Indianapolis Colts in Week 12.. The Bucs are now 8-3 on the season and have a decent lead in the NFC South following the Saints' fourth straight loss. Tampa Bay is trying to be the first team since the New England Patriots in 2004-2005 to win back-to-back Super Bowls.



In the AFC,  the Buffalo Bills were thought to be the toast of the conference but after a rough stretch, they've dropped to +800 with Super Bowl odds. Now,  oddsmakers have the Kansas City Chiefs back in the driver's seat as the faves to make it out of the AFC and have lowered the Chiefs' odds to win the Super Bowl down to +700.  The Chiefs dominated the Dallas Cowboys  prior to their bye and now lead the AFC West standings at 7-4. 

After the Buccaneers and Chiefs for Super Bowl odds are the Green Bay Packers (+700), Buffalo Bills (+800) and Cardinals (+850) to make up the top five teams at BetMGM for the latest Super Bowl odds.

Here are the latest Super Bowl 56 odds from sportsbooks – such as BetMGM Sportsbook – available in your respective state:

Super Bowl 56 Odds

A look at the latest Super Bowl odds from various legal sportsbooks, find the best odds and prices here.



Why are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers favored for Super Bowl 56 odds?  

Since 2015, betting against Tom Brady's teams for odds to win the Super Bowl has been a fool’s errand. After winning an incredible seventh Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl 55, Brady has already ascended into GOAT status. His teams have won four of the last seven Super Bowls, three with the New England Patriots and one with Tampa Bay. Now, after starting the season 8-3, the Bucs continue to excel offensively even if their defense has some questions.

In 11 games, the pass defense by Tampa Bay has gotten diced up by decent quarterbacks and rank 20th in passing yards allowed while also while also throwing 21 touchdown passes (26th in NFL). The good news is the group is causing turnovers with 14 picks in 11 games and 27 sacks. 

If the pass defense gets their house in order, Tampa will be scary for the opposition when it comes to Super Bowl odds because offensively, the Bucs haven’t missed a beat. Through 11 games, QB Tom Brady has thrown a casual 30 touchdown passes and 3,403 passing yards to pace the offense, ranked first and second among quarterbacks. This isn’t anything new as Brady threw for 4,633 passing yards and 40 touchdowns in 2020.

Although the NFC conference has some tough competition with teams like Green Bay, Arizona and the Rams trying to return to the Super Bowl, Tampa Bay is in prime position to be back at the summit for Super Bowl odds.

Should the Buffalo Bills or Kansas City Chiefs Be Dismissed for Odds to Win the Super Bowl?

Although they took a tough loss to the Jaguars in Week 9 and another crushing home loss to the Colts in Week 11, there's still a lot to be encouraged by for the Buffalo Bills when it comes to Super Bowl 56 odds.

The main reason starts with quarterback Josh Allen. The fourth-year Wyoming product is on pace to smash his record set for single-season passing yards and is finding his receivers when it counts with 25 passing touchdowns and 10 interceptions through 11 games. It’s the weaponry around him that has steadily improved year-over-year and now, any skill-position player is a threat to go to the end zone.

Those reasons above is exactly why the Kansas City Chiefs couldn't be fully dismissed for Super Bowl 56 odds. QB Patrick Mahomes and skill-position players like WR Tyreek Hill and TE Travis Kelce are the cream of the crop for their respective positions.  The Chiefs' offense has always been a threat but it's the defense that has stepped up recently. Over the last four games, the Chiefs have only given up 47 total points and if the defense is playing at a high-level, Kansas City becomes super scary again to bet against.

At +700 and +850,  this is likely the best Super Bowl odds you'll get for either team going forward and both will be in the running for the 1-seed in the AFC Conference. Keep that factor in mind before placing your Super Bowl bets.

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How To Bet On Super Bowl Odds

The time has come and you want to make a bet on Super Bowl futures for the 2021 season, but as a new bettor, you don’t know where to begin. Don’t sweat it because FTNBets has got you covered. The first thing a potential bettor needs to know is which sportsbook is available in your respective state and to set up a betting account.

Step 1: Setting up a Sports Betting Account

After going through the different online sportsbooks that offer Super Bowl odds, you’ll need to set up an account with verifiable info. Submitting a copy of a piece of identification like a driver’s license that has your current address is the fast track way to be certified and to start betting.

Step 2: Depositing money into your account

There are numerous ways to deposit money into a sportsbook account to start betting on the NFL. Major credit cards, verified bank accounts and some shops even offer bitcoin deposit capabilities. Ensure you check out our sportsbooks page to see the pros and cons of each book and the type of deposit bonuses attached for signing up.

Step 3: Making an NFL Futures Bet

Now that you’re signed up and have funds to bet with, the next step is being able to understand and interpret the odds in front of you. For reference, let’s use the top five NFL teams with the best odds to win Super Bowl 56:

  • Chiefs +500
  • Buccaneers +650
  • Bills +1200
  • Rams +1300
  • 49ers +1300

Unlike a moneyline bet that can have plus odds (+) and minus odds (+) in front of the number, the team with the lowest number is considered the favorite for this betting market. In this case, it would be the Kansas City Chiefs. These are listed in American odds, which indicate how much profit you’d make if you were to bet $100.

Let’s say you think the Chiefs are going to win Super Bowl 56 and you bet $100 on them. If the Chiefs were to win it all, you’d get $600 from your respective sportsbook - your $100 bet is returned and you would get $500 in profit.

Value is key when betting on Super Bowl odds and these change weekly depending on what happened in certain games. Key players can get injured, trades can happen or even a team’s coach can be fired for underperforming. Line movements for Super Bowl futures happen regularly so if you see odds that pique your interest, it’s best to grab it ASAP.