A parlay is a type of bet where more than one bet is combined to form one larger bet. If all of your bets within a parlay hit, then the payout is much larger than if you had made all the bets individually. However, if any one of your bets within the parlay fails to hit, then the entire parlay is graded as a loss. In order to best take advantage of parlays, you can use FTN’s Parlay Calculator to find which sportsbook offers the best odds. 

How to use the FTN Parlay Calculator

Using FTN’s Parlay Calculator is not only easy but also FREE! Here is a breakdown of how it works.

Step 1 - Select your sport, state, and type of bet.

FTN’s Parlay Calculator includes all the sports the FTN offers on its site. For the type of bet, you can choose to bet on the spread, the Moneyline, or the over/under. It is important to note that you can combine different sports and different types of bets in the same parlay. For example, you can calculate the payout of a parlay between the spread of an NBA game and the Moneyline of an MLB game. 

Step 2 - Select the games you want to parlay together. 

The next step is to simply click on the bets you’d like to add to your parlay. Once you’ve added your bets, FTN’s Parlay Calculator will tell you which sportsbook is offering the best odds on that parlay. In this example, Unibet is offering the best return for this parlay. 

Parlay Odds Calculator

Those are all the steps to using FTN’s Parlay Calculator. Now that you know how to maximize your parlay earnings, head over to FTN’s Bet Tracker to find out who the experts are betting on. Also, check out the FTN Prop Shop to find the best odds the sportsbooks are offering on prop bets.