FTN NFL Power Rankings 2020

The FTN NFL Power Ratings are based off of final scores from the 2020 season. In order to use these ratings to make your own spreads on upcoming games, you simply figure out the difference between the ratings for the two teams in question and that difference is the projected neutral field spread on the matchup. You must also remember to make an adjustment for home field advantage and the number to use for that home field advantage is also solved for by the analysis

One note of caution when using these numbers. The power ratings are an attempt to put a numerical value on each team based on their performances on the field. Adjustments need to be made for things like days of rest, players returning from injury who missed those previous games, and also players who are recently injured and projected to miss the upcoming game. Other factors such as weather and team motivation need to be adjusted for as well. These numbers are meant to be used more as a starting point to analyze a game. When the projected spread you solve for is far off from the odds you see in a betting market, some type of injury news is usually the reason for it.