FTN Network hosts multiple podcasts for the sports betting enthusiast. They cover the major sports year-round, including NBA, MLB, NFL, PGA, CBB, CFB, NHL and will have special guests to break down major events in MMA, tennis, horse racing and soccer. 


The podcasts cover topics relevant for sports bettors. What bets have the best odds? What kind of value do those odds offer? As well as which book has the best odds so you can get paid the most on your wins. Whether you are new to the world of sports betting or a seasoned professional just looking to save research time by listening to someone who already took a deep look into the numbers, the FTN Bets Podcast page has something for you. 







Where Can I Find Sports Betting Podcasts from FTN Bets?

You can find FTNBets sports betting podcasts on many of your favorite podcast platforms. They are currently available on:

What Sports Betting Podcasts Are Available from FTN Bets?

The FTN Podcast Network has multiple shows that concentrate on sports betting topics, sponsored by FTNBets:

All Sports Podcasts

  • Mean Streets, hosted by Chris Meaney, is a daily show that hits on the major sporting events of each day from the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB. Meaney will also host various analysts who specialize in PGA, MMA, CBB, and any other major sporting events of interest on the calendar. 
  • FTN Betscast, which covers multiple sports in season.
  • The CBB Betting Show hosted by CBB expert Mike Randle is also a great listen during NCAA men’s basketball tournament season.
  • Dangle, Bet, Celly with Eric Young and Meaney is our NHL centric deep dive for the hockey fans. 
  • PGA golf betting show, Pro vs. Pro on the FTN Network as well as the FTN YouTube channel.  

Does FTN Network Have Any Fantasy Sports-Related Podcasts?

The FTN Network has a large collection of fantasy sports podcasts that are produced year-round. If you would like to see the list, click here.