What is FTNBets?

FTNBets is your one-stop shop to win your sports betting picks. Whether it’s NFL football, NBA basketball or MLB baseball, we will have you covered. Whether you like quick-hitting player props, moneylines, spreads and totals or a deep-dive into your favorite stats, FTNBets will provide the analysis for you to win your bets.

Who are the top analysts at FTNBets?

Frank Brank

As a statistician, Frank consulted for companies like Pepsi and Greyhound before turning to sports betting. He's a +EV bettor across all major sports and specializes in college football, college basketball, and NBA. He's racked up over 100 units won over the last three seasons in those sports alone. Frank is a data guru who models and simulates all sporting events to provide bets on anything from sides and totals to player props.

Chris Meaney

Chris Meaney is an award-winning sports writer, producer and host. He’s the host of Mean Streets, FTN FAAB Cast, Fantasy Hockey Picks & Bets and FTN Live where he covers NFL, MLB, NHL & NBA. Meaney has been working in the in the fantasy sports industry for 10 years plus years making pit stops at The Athletic, The Fantasy Footballers, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, Fantrax, TQE, NBA Fantasy, LineStarApp, Newcap Radio and more.

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How do I Create an Account?

Creating an account at FTNBets is very simple.

  1. Click Register
  2. Enter your desired credentials and information
  3. Click Create
  4. Welcome to FTNBets!

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What is the difference between FTNFantasy, FTNDaily, and FTNBets?

FTNFantasy, FTNDaily, and FTNBets are three sites under the FTN Network umbrella but each site is operated individually.

  • FTNFantasy focuses on season-long fantasy sports such as fantasy football
  • FTNDaily focuses on daily fantasy sports
  • FTNBets focuses on sports betting advice and tips.

How much is a FTNBets Subscription?

An FTNBets subscription varies. There are monthly and seasonal options available. Here are some of the options:

  • All Sports Monthly
  • All Sports Yearly

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Is there a promo code I can use to sign up?

Yes, use promo code FTNNation for 10% off your purchase.

Does my subscription auto-renew?

FTN Bets Subscriptions auto-renew unless otherwise stated. For full subscription details, see your “My Account” page.

How do I Contact Customer Service?

Please email support@ftnnetwork.com if you need customer support.

Can I win using FTNBets?

Our members have experienced success with FTNFantasy, FTNDaily, and FTNBets. While winning is not guaranteed, it has been experienced by a vast number of happy subscribers. See for yourself, here.