One of the best feelings in sports betting is when you research and grind to identify a key mismatch in a game or a futures market to back a plus-money underdog.…and it hits! The vindication and reassurance that comes with hitting an underdog play can make you feel on top of the world and I want to bring that feeling to you daily. Welcome to Gilles Gallant’s, aka GDawg’s, “Dog of the Day”. 

Each day, I’ll provide you with my best bet in a wide variety of sports like NBA, MLB, NFL or NCAA Basketball. This could be a regular-season game or a futures market like “NFL Super Bowl odds.” 

Here’s the catch: my pick will only be a plus money pick. No favorites or any odds that have a minus sign (-) in front of it. The goal is to always double your investment each day. 

My free betting picks will be posted here with a rundown at the bottom. If you’ve missed it, you can also check out the FTNBets’ bet tracker, where you can see every official bet I’ve ever made.

Dog of the Day - NFL Betting Pick - July 31 

Sean Payton for 2021 NFL Coach of the Year
Odds: +2500
Sportsbook: BetMGM

I wrote about NFL Coach of the Year odds for the 2021 season, and while Brandon Staley of the Los Angeles Chargers is the favorite, I went off the beaten path and took a nice longshot underdog bet. It’s the New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton.

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote about him this past week:

“Is there another team in the NFL that has been written off as much as the New Orleans Saints have been this offseason? After winning double-digit games for the last four seasons, most analysts have the Saints missing the playoffs in 2021 with projected win totals hovering around 9 or 9.5 depending on the sportsbook.

Well, the Saints have the talent and coaching ingenuity to surpass all expectations, which makes head coach Sean Payton a prime candidate to show his coaching chops and win NFL Coach of the Year. He’s already got the deck stacked against him with future Hall-of-Famer QB Drew Brees retiring after 15 years with the franchise and now, All-Pro WR Michael Thomas is expected to miss 4-6 games to start the season. 

That being said, this is nothing new for Payton (+2500), and we saw these two variables play out in 2020 and the Saints didn’t miss a beat. Thomas missed nine games last year while Brees was lost for four games and here’s the incredible part: The Saints were 3-1 in games that Brees missed and 6-3 in the games Thomas sat out. This team keeps chugging along, and it’s because of Payton’s ability to squeeze out points from limited offenses. It remains to be seen what kind of schemes the Saints head coach draws up with the likes of Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill at QB, but Payton has shown that he can win without his offensive studs in the lineup.

If the Saints' offense is still respectable and moving the chains, that is music to Payton’s ears because the New Orleans defense is formidable. They have a playmaker at every level of their defense with Cameron Jordan (22.5 sacks over the last two seasons), Demario Davis (110 or more solo tackles last three seasons) and then Marshon Lattimore, who can still play on an island and lock up a team’s top receiving option. 

It won’t be an easy win for Payton in the NFL Coach of the Year futures market. The AP members voting for this award may still hold a grudge for his role in “Bountygate'' and his team’s recent shortcomings in the playoffs may be too much of a negative narrative for him to overcome. However, if he can somehow lead this team to 11 or more wins with Winston and/or Hill as his quarterbacks, you could argue the award should be renamed after him for that accomplishment alone.”

Bonne chance!

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Gilles Gallant’s “Dog of the Day” Betting Picks 

  • Sean Payton To Win NFL Coach of the Year +2500 (July 31)
  • Blue Jays -2.5 Alt. Runline +130 (July 30) (LOSS)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to hit HR +350 (July 30) (LOSS)
  • Sharife Cooper U22.5 Draft Position +120 (July 29) (LOSS)
  • Seattle Mariners ML +105 (July 28) (LOSS)
  • Seattle Mariners ML +140 (July 27) (LOSS)
  • Seattle Mariners ML +160 (July 26) (WIN)
  • Dallas Cowboys to miss the playoffs +115 (July 24)
  • Giants -1.5 RL +110 (July 23) (LOSS)
  • Phillies ML +120 (July 22) (LOSS)
  • Giants ML +145 (July 21) (WIN)
  • Yankees ML +110 (July 20) (WIN) 
  • Red Sox ML +110 (July 19) (WIN)
  • Reds ML +110 (July 17) (LOSS)
  • White Sox ML +125 (July 16) (LOSS)
  • Suns ML at +170 (July 14) (LOSS)
  • American League -1.5 Runline in MLB ASG at +170 (July 13) (WIN)
  • Washington To Win NFC East at +200 (July 12)
  • Pat Connaughton 3+ 3PT Made +300 (July 11) (LOSS)
  • Conor McGregor KO/TKO or DQ at +140 (July 10) (LOSS)
  • Red Sox -1.5 Runline at +140 (July 9) (WIN)
  • Bucks 1H ML at +155 (July 8) (LOSS)
  • Pat Connaugton O1.5 3PT Made at +145 (July 8) (WIN)
  • Oakland Athletics Moneyline at +125 (July 7) (LOSS)
  • Cam Johnson O1.5 3PT at +140 (July 6) (WIN)
  • Cleveland Browns To Win AFC North at +165 (July 5)

July “Dog of the Day” recap

  • 8-14 (36.4%)
  • -1.4U for July underdog picks
  • Average odds: +155
  • 4 NFL futures bets TBD 

(For all of my betting picks, check out the FTN Bet Tracker.)