One of the best feelings in sports betting is when you research and grind to identify a key mismatch in a game or a futures market to back a plus-money underdog.…and it hits! The vindication and reassurance that comes with hitting an underdog play can make you feel on top of the world and I want to bring that feeling to you daily. Welcome to Gilles Gallant’s, aka GDawg’s, “Dog of the Day”. 

Each day, I’ll provide you with my best bet in a wide variety of sports like NBA, MLB, NFL or NCAA Basketball. This could be a regular-season game or a futures market like “NFL Super Bowl odds.” 

Here’s the catch: my pick will only be a plus money pick. No favorites or any odds that have a minus sign (-) in front of it. The goal is to always double your investment each day. 

My free betting picks will be posted here with a rundown at the bottom. If you’ve missed it, you can also check out the FTNBets’ bet tracker, where you can see every official bet I’ve ever made.

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Dog of the Day - NBA Pick - October 19 

Brooklyn Nets moneyline vs. Milwaukee Bucks
Odds: +105
Sportsbook: FanDuel Sportsbook

With the NFL in full swing and MLB postseason deep into October, readers of “Dog of the Day” can expect a lot more plus-money bets and moneyline underdogs with the 2021-2022 NBA season upon us. Sides and player props offer tremendous value for bettors like me who loathe taking favorites in basketball and can also offer upside like the way Blue Jays home run props did in August (13-34 for +6.9U). 

With the NBA season tipping off Tuesday night, I’m going back to my roots of backing plus-money underdogs and what a better team to come out of the gate than the Brooklyn Nets, the clear favorite to win the 2021-2022 NBA Championship. 

Yes, I’m fully aware the Nets will be without point guard Kyrie Irving for the foreseeable future, but the pairing of Kevin Durant and James Harden is more than enough to take down this Bucks squad. The Bucks barely squeaked by the Nets in the Eastern Conference playoffs and had Brooklyn had a healthy Harden or Kyrie for the duration of the series, we may be talking about the Nets as the reigning NBA champions.

Trio of All-Stars aside, the Nets have a lot more to offer on this roster in this iteration of the squad than last year’s playoffs. Adding a veteran point guard like Patty Mills from the Spurs will be crucial in allowing Harden to not have to make every play while also offering a deadly shooter from the perimeter. The Nets legitimately are a deep team now which could not be said about them during last year’s postseason run. It’s also worth noting that the Nets were 13-7 SU last year as an underdog and were the most profitable NBA team in that scenario.

I hate to use motivation as a factor, but Durant and the Nets are going to come out firing and I’m not sure if the Bucks or any team in the NBA can keep up when Brooklyn is clicking. Nets ML all day!

Bonne Chance!

What are the best betting props for today?

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Today’s betting odds - MLB, NBA, NFL, CFB, etc.

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Here are the top sports and the latest betting odds for each:


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Using FTNBets’ Prop Shop to maximize player prop value

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Gilles Gallant’s “Dog of the Day” Betting Picks 


  • Nets ML vs. Bucks +105 (Oct. 19)
  • Carson Wentz to throw INT vs. Ravens +100 (Oct. 11) (LOSS)
  • Chiefs -3 vs. Bills +100 (Oct. 8) (LOSS)
  • Russell Wilson to throw INT vs. Rams +140 (Oct. 7) (WIN)
  • Giants ML vs. Cowboys +265 (Oct. 6) (LOSS)
  • Rafael Devers to hit a home run +400 (Oct. 5) (LOSS)
  • Aaron Judge to hit a home run +320 (Oct. 5) (LOSS)
  • Giancarlo Stanton to hit a home run +310 (Oct. 5) (WIN)
  • Successful 2pt Conversion - Raiders-Chargers +320 (Oct. 4) (LOSS)
  • Raiders ML vs. Chargers +155 (Oct. 1) (LOSS)


  • Trevor Lawrence OVER 1.5 Touchdown Passes +125 (Sept. 30) (LOSS)
  • James Robinson O3.5 Receptions +120 (Sept. 29) (LOSS)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to hit a home run +340 (Sept. 28) (LOSS)
  • Marcus Semien to hit a home run +400 (Sept. 28) (LOSS)
  • Jalen Hurts O1.5 Passing TDs +110 (Sept. 27) (WIN)
  • Eagles ML vs. Cowboys +160 (Sept. 24) (LOSS)
  • Rams ML vs. Buccaneers +105 (Sept. 23) (WIN)
  • Sam Darnold To Throw INT vs. Texans +110 (Sept. 22) (LOSS)
  • DJ Moore OVER 5.5 Receptions +110 (Sept. 21) (WIN)
  • Aaron Jones To Have 25+ Receiving Yards +155 (Sept. 20) (WIN)
  • Eagles ML vs. 49ers +145 (Sept. 17) (LOSS)
  • Sterling Shepard O5.5 Receptions +120 (Sept. 16) (WIN)
  • Daniel Jones 25+ rushing yards +115 (Sept. 15) (WIN)
  • Marcus Semien To Hit a Home Run +325 (Sept. 14) (LOSS)
  • Teoscar Hernandez To Hit a Home Run +325 (Sept. 14) (LOSS)
  • Lamar Jackson to rush for 75+ yards vs. Raiders +110 (Sept. 13) (WIN)
  • Houston Texans ML vs. Jaguars +155 (Sept. 10) (WIN)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers -9.5 Alt. Spread vs. Dallas Cowboys +105 (Sept. 9) (LOSS)
  • Aaron Donald to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year +550 (Sept. 8)
  • Buffalo Bills - Most Regular Season Points Scored +1000 (Sept. 7)
  • Miami Hurricanes +20 vs. Alabama -110 (Sept. 4) (LOSS)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to hit a home run +425 (Sept. 3) (LOSS)
  • George Springer to hit a home run +350 (Sept. 3) (LOSS)
  • Sam Darnold to lead NFL in Passing Yards +10000 (Sept. 2)
  • Ben Roethlisberger to lead NFL in Passing Yards +8000 (Sept. 2)
  • Travis Kelce to lead NFL in receiving yards +1400 (Sept. 1)

September “Dog of the Day” recap

  • 8-13 (27.2%)
  • -2.1U for September underdog picks
  • Average odds: +220 (31.3% implied probability)
  • 5 NFL futures bets TBD


  • LA Rams To Win NFC West Division +190 (Aug 31)
  • New Orleans Pelicans to make NBA Playoffs +170 (Aug. 30)
  • Portland Trail Blazers to miss NBA Playoffs +200 (Aug. 29)
  • Raiders ML at +180 vs Baltimore Ravens - Week 1 (Aug. 27)
  • New York Yankees To Win World Series +900 (Aug. 26)
  • Dalvin Cook to win NFL Offensive Player of the Year +1800 (Aug. 25)
  • Yoan Moncada to hit a HR +550 (Aug. 24) (LOSS)
  • Teoscar Hernandez to hit a HR +325 (Aug. 24) (LOSS)
  • Marcus Semien to hit HR +325 (Aug. 24) (LOSS)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr to hit HR +330 (Aug. 23) (LOSS)
  • Bo Bichette to hit HR +550 (Aug. 23) (LOSS)
  • Teoscar Hernandez to hit a HR +325 (Aug. 22) (LOSS)
  • Marcus Semien to hit HR +325 (Aug. 22) (LOSS)
  • Teoscar Hernandez to hit a HR +340 (Aug. 21) LOSS)
  • Marcus Semien to hit HR +340 (Aug. 21) (WIN)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr to hit HR +340 (Aug. 20) (WIN)
  • Bo Bichette to hit HR +400 (Aug. 20) (LOSS)
  • Patriots ML/U38.5 Parlay at +235 (Aug. 19) (WIN)
  • Atlanta Hawks to win NBA Championship +3500 (Aug. 18)
  • Saquon Barkley to win NFL Comeback POY +800 (Aug. 17)
  • Zion Williamson to lead NBA in scoring +1000 (Aug. 16)
  • Marcus Semien to hit HR +325 (Aug. 14) (LOSS)
  • George Springer to hit HR +285 (Aug. 14) (LOSS)
  • Bo Bichette to hit a HR +325 (Aug. 13) (LOSS)
  • George Springer to hit HR +325 (Aug. 12) (LOSS)
  • George Springer to hit HR +325 (Aug. 11) (WIN)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to hit HR +275 (Aug. 11) (LOSS)
  • Bo Bichette to hit a HR +575 (Aug. 10) (LOSS)
  • Teoscar Hernandez to hit a HR +475 (Aug. 10) (LOSS)
  • Kyle Pitts to win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year +1000 (Aug. 9)
  • Teoscar Hernandez to hit HR +340 (Aug. 8) (LOSS)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. To Hit HR +250 (Aug. 8) (WIN)
  • Jalen Suggs to win NBA Rookie of the Year +800 (Aug. 7)
  • Bo Bichette to hit HR +525 (Aug. 6) (LOSS)
  • George Springer to hit HR +340 (Aug. 6) (LOSS)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to hit HR +215 (Aug. 5) (LOSS)
  • Bo Bichette to hit HR +325 (Aug. 5) (WIN)
  • Marcus Semien to hit HR +350 (Aug. 4) (LOSS)
  • Bo Bichette to hit HR +425 (Aug. 4) (LOSS)
  • Teoscar Hernandez to hit HR +330 (Aug. 3) (WIN)
  • George Springer to hit HR +300 (Aug. 3) (WIN)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to hit HR +215 (Aug. 2) (WIN)
  • Bo Bichette to hit HR +350 (Aug. 2) (LOSS)

August “Dog of the Day” recap

  • 9-24 (27.2%)
  • +1.85U for August underdog picks
  • Average odds: +370 (21% implied probability)
  • 9 NFL/NBA futures bets TBD


  • Sean Payton To Win NFL Coach of the Year +2500 (July 31)
  • Blue Jays -2.5 Alt. Runline +130 (July 30) (LOSS)
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to hit HR +350 (July 30) (LOSS)
  • Sharife Cooper U22.5 Draft Position +120 (July 29) (LOSS)
  • Seattle Mariners ML +105 (July 28) (LOSS)
  • Seattle Mariners ML +140 (July 27) (LOSS)
  • Seattle Mariners ML +160 (July 26) (WIN)
  • Dallas Cowboys to miss the playoffs +115 (July 24)
  • Giants -1.5 RL +110 (July 23) (LOSS)
  • Phillies ML +120 (July 22) (LOSS)
  • Giants ML +145 (July 21) (WIN)
  • Yankees ML +110 (July 20) (WIN)
  • Red Sox ML +110 (July 19) (WIN)
  • Reds ML +110 (July 17) (LOSS)
  • White Sox ML +125 (July 16) (LOSS)
  • Suns ML at +170 (July 14) (LOSS)
  • American League -1.5 Runline in MLB ASG at +170 (July 13) (WIN)
  • Washington To Win NFC East at +200 (July 12)
  • Pat Connaughton 3+ 3PT Made +300 (July 11) (LOSS)
  • Conor McGregor KO/TKO or DQ at +140 (July 10) (LOSS)
  • Red Sox -1.5 Runline at +140 (July 9) (WIN)
  • Bucks 1H ML at +155 (July 8) (LOSS)
  • Pat Connaugton O1.5 3PT Made at +145 (July 8) (WIN)
  • Oakland Athletics Moneyline at +125 (July 7) (LOSS)
  • Cam Johnson O1.5 3PT at +140 (July 6) (WIN)
  • Cleveland Browns To Win AFC North at +165 (July 5)

July “Dog of the Day” recap

  • 8-14 (36.4%)
  • -1.4U for July underdog picks
  • Average odds: +155
  • 4 NFL futures bets TBD

(For all of my betting picks, check out the FTN Bet Tracker.)