Among the most commonly bet types for all sports including the NFL are parlays, which have increased in popularity with the growth of online betting sites. Platforms incentivize players to take a shot with these low-risk, high-reward wagers by offering promotions around them and a large supply of parlay betting options for each NFL game.

FTN has every tool you need to make expert picks and grow your bankroll. We're using our tools to highlight some of the best long shot parlay picks in Week 2.

Parlays give the opportunity to have a significant return on investment quickly. Of course, these parlays are longshots for good reason. We use only partial units on these plays.

We have crafted several of these bets and are offering our NFL picks and parlays for Week 2.



NFL Week 2 parlay picks and predictions

After exploring NFL betting odds from FanDuel, we have assembled what we consider the best parlay bets this week, including a bet that features all favorites and another that takes advantage of some prop markets available at most of the top online sportsbooks.

Best NFL parlay Week 2

This early in the season, putting together lucrative parlays is difficult, but after scouring the Week 2 NFL schedule we’ve found three games to combine for our free parlay picks.

  • Packers -11.5 (-105): Green Bay will bounce back after an embarrassing opening performance. Detroit is a bad team that will give up a lot of points in Week 2.
  • Bears ML (-132): Chicago needs to get its offense going and Cincinnati is vulnerable as a letdown team. We’re hoping we’ll see Justin Fields, too.
  • Washington/Giants over 40.5 points (-112): Don’t be fooled by last week’s scores. This total is starting to see sharp action on the over and we get a great number at 41.

At +550 odds, this parlay offers a decent payout for three very winnable sides. It also separates a Thursday night game, a 1 p.m. ET kickoff, and a 4 p.m. ET kickoff, giving you plenty of time to adjust your bets if you need to. 

Week 2 parlay using road dogs

Let’s say you’re unsure about spreads and you want to stick with taking money lines of teams you believe will win Below is a three-team Week 2 NFL parlay made up of some of the larger favorites.

  • Cowboys ML (+164)
  • Titans ML (+198)
  • Vikings ML (+152)

These teams are all pretty decent underdogs at FanDuel, so the odds on this are great at +1883. With that said, it's not unreasonable to foresee the home favorites failing to match up to their Week 1 play. Each of these road underdogs have veteran quarterbacks and coaching staffs. 

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Week 2 parlay with alternate lines and props

Parlays are a favorite among bettors, so betting sites allow various types of bets to be included in them. That means many prop markets and alternate lines/totals can be included in a parlay as well. Below are three alternate lines/props we are grouping together to build our final Week 2 NFL parlay:

  • Cowboys Win By 1-13 Points (+210): The Cowboys had their work cut out for them after a close loss to Tampa Bay. The Chargers are good, but they might fall victim to a great Dallas offense.
  • Packers ML and Under 50.5 (+151): The Packers get the nod as they play much sharper and more aggressive. We added points to the total and gone under with this moneyline/alternate total parlay,
  • Texans +10.5 (+105): Houston is bad but not this bad. Tyrod Taylor has a bit of a revenge game as Cleveland still wins but not by much.

Thanks to the first two lines of this bet being strong, we were able to mix in a larger favorite to round out the wager. Sure, odds aren’t as high as they could be, but the bet is also safer for it. At +1495, the payout is still nothing to complain about, making these lesser-known markets important to finding value and getting the lines you want in a parlay.