Despite Super Bowl 55 sitting in the rearview and the 2020 NFL season concluded, the betting season never ends. Super Bowl futures bets are already live, and now is the time to strike before the offseason hot stove reheats the iron. As the weeks roll on, trades will commence, free agency will begin, and rosters will be shaken more than a James Bond martini. The NFL landscape will change drastically, and with it, so will Super Bowl betting odds. 

Let’s dive into which teams can help us capitalize on Super Bowl betting opportunities for 2022. 

All odds listed below are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook

2022 Super Bowl Odds

Here’s an overview of odds from sportsbooks across the US. 



Betting on the Favorites


Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Odds

The Chiefs odds stand at +525 at open. An offensive core of Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce returning has legit Super Bowl aspirations yearly. If the offensive line play can improve in 2021, the Chiefs have a fantastic shot at becoming only the fourth team in NFL history to earn three consecutive Super Bowl appearances. 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Odds

The Buccaneers scored the second-most points per game (30.8) in 2020, and for the rest of the NFL that should be a frightening thought. Tom Brady returns to direct a team that improved and gelled as the season rolled on. The champs are +900 to repeat.


Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Odds

Assuming Aaron Rodgers returns to Green Bay, this team is poised to make another run at it. The Rodgers-Davante Adams tandem can take over any game with the drop of a hat. At +1000, this is a bargain.


Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds

Brian Daboll returns to direct an offense that ranked third in scoring per game and neutral-script passing rate. Josh Allen and company have offensive firepower teamed with an opportunistic defense, leading to another deep postseason run and the odds are set at +1200.


Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Odds

With Matthew Stafford in town, the Rams (+1300) now have a signal-caller that has the potential to elevate its offense to rival the potency of its defense. In 2020, Los Angeles was ranked fourth in total defensive DVOA but only 20th in offensive passing DVOA. 


Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Odds

After Lamar Jackson’s mid-game toilet timeout versus the Browns, Baltimore rattled off 35 points per game over their final regular-season games. If the Ravens can keep up that pace for a full season with their still top-shelf defense, they’ll be an AFC favorite and come in at just +1300.


Super Bowl 56 Contenders


San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds

If the 49ers can kick the injury bug to the curb, they should be in the conversation for Super Bowl dark horse. If San Francisco gets a quarterback upgrade, then they could find themselves as quiet favorites with an offense featuring George Kittle, Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk. 


New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Odds

Uncertainty at the quarterback position with a strapped salary cap places the Saints in this category and not higher. Sean Payton will coax every win out of what is still an extremely talented and balanced roster. 


Cleveland Browns Super Bowl Odds

With an 11-win season under his belt, Kevin Stefanski’s first season in Cleveland was a smashing success. With the Browns returning an elite offensive line, if they can add talent to the receiving depth chart (or get a healthy Odell Beckham back) and the defense in 2021 could be even brighter. 


Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Odds

Even with head chef Pete Carroll parring the offensive menu down to bland rushing entrees, the Seahawks have the look of a 10- to 11-win squad. In 2018-2019 with Seattle finishing second and third in rushing attempts, they averaged 10.5 wins per season. Russell Wilson’s magic, even in muted doses, can put any team over the top. 


Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Odds

If Tua Tagovailoa can take a step forward and the Dolphins’ add skill players in the NFL draft, this team can improve upon last season’s ten-win surprise. 


Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Odds

With an abundance of cap space (second-most) and the magical tag-team duo of Chris Ballard and Frank Reich steering the ship, the Colts are a quarterback away from competing for the final dance. 


Tennessee Titans Super Bowl Odds

Despite Arthur Smith’s departure, the Titans feature a talented roster with the big dawg Derrick Henry able to chew up yards on the ground and time of possession. Mike Vrabel and Henry have been able to stiff-arm the competition the last two seasons while piling up the Ws. 


Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Odds

If Dak Prescott is back under center and healthy to start the season, the Cowboys have the type of offensive firepower to outscore most teams weekly. 


Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Odds

Even a cooked version of Ben Roethlisberger and a bottom-five offensive line was good enough to win the AFC North last season. If the Steelers can get more out of their run game and O line, a Super Bowl return could be in the cards. 


Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl Odds

If newly minted head coach Brandon Staley can coax similar play out of a talented Chargers defensive depth chart, the Chargers could shock the world. We know an offense led by Justin Herbert, Keenan Allen, Austin Ekeler and Mike Williams will hold up their end of the bargain. 


Longshot bets for Super Bowl 56

New England Patriots Super Bowl Odds

Even with Cam Newton looking like a shell of his former self and eight players opting out prior to the season, Bill Belichick and the Patriots nearly scraped together a .500 season. The Patriots will need improved quarterback play and a magic wand for the rest of the offense for this bet to pay off. 


Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Odds

Justin Jefferson’s otherworldly rookie season overshadowed a Vikings’ once-vaunted defense that cratered in 2020. Mike Zimmer will need his defense to rebound for more checkmarks in the win column in 2021. 


Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Odds

If the Panthers inject new life into their quarterback room, a depth chart housing Christian McCaffrey, D.J. Moore and Robby Anderson could finish higher than 24th in points scored. If Carolina can light up the scoreboard with more regularity, they will help out a defense that quietly forced the tenth most takeaways in 2020. 


Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds

After finishing .500 last season, Arizona offered hope they are primed to continue their ascension in the NFC. In 2020 Kliff Kingsbury’s offensive prowess was married with a defense that ranked 13th in yards allowed and 12th in points given up. 


Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl Odds

The Falcons’ young defense finished the season ranked 14th in defensive DVOA and 12th in weighted defensive DVOA. If Arthur Smith can help Matt Ryan sip from the fountain of youth, the Falcons could surprise in 2021. 


Super Bowl Betting History 

Since the first Super Bowl in 1967, excluding two games that were either a push or a pick’em, favorites have been 36-18 straight up and 28-24 (54%) against the spread. Since Super Bowl ll (Super Bowl l, there was no over/under odds), betting on the over/under has been a coin flip with 27 games going over the total and 27 games hitting the under.

YearSuper BowlSpreadTotalWinnerLoser
2021Bucs v. ChiefsChiefs -356Buccaneers 31Chiefs 9
202049ers v. ChiefsChiefs -154.5Chiefs 3149ers 20
2019Patriots v. RamsPatriots -2.557.5Patriots 13Rams 3
2018Eagles v. PatriotsPatriots -449Eagles 41Patriots 33
2017Falcons v. PatriotsPatriots -357Patriots 34Falcons 28
2016Panthers v. BroncosPanthers -543.5Broncos 24Panthers 10
2015Seahawks v. PatriotsPick ’em47.5Patriots 28Seahawks 24
2014Seahawks v. BroncosBroncos -2.547.5Seahawks 43Broncos 8
201349ers v. Ravens49ers -4.548Ravens 3449ers 31
2012Giants v. PatriotsPatriots -2.553Giants 21Patriots 17
2011Packers v. SteelersPackers -345Packers 31Steelers 25
2010Saints v. ColtsColts -557Saints 31Colts 17
2009Steelers v. CardinalsSteelers -746Steelers 27Cardinals 23
2008Giants v. PatriotsPatriots -1255Giants 17Patriots 14
2007Colts v. BearsColts -747Colts 29Bears 17
2006Steelers v. SeahawksSteelers -447Steelers 21Seahawks 10
2005Patriots v. EaglesPatriots -746.5Patriots 24Eagles 21
2004Patriots v. PanthersPatriots -737.5Patriots 32Panthers 29
2003Bucs v. RaidersRaiders -444Bucs 48Raiders 21
2002Patriots v. RamsRams -1453Patriots 20Rams 17
2001Ravens v. GiantsBaltimore -333Baltimore 34Giants 7
2000Rams v. TitansRams -745Rams 23Titans 16
1999Broncos v. FalconsBroncos -7.552.5Broncos 34Falcons 19
1998Broncos v. PackersPackers -1149Broncos 31Packers 24
1997Packers v. PatriotsPackers -1449Packers 35Patriots 21
1996Cowboys v. SteelersCowboys -13.551Cowboys 27Steelers 17
199549ers v. Chargers49ers -18.553.549ers 49Chargers 26
1994Cowboys v. BillsCowboys -10.550.5Cowboys 30Bills 13
1993Cowboys v. BillsCowboys -6.544.5Cowboys 52Bills 17
1992Redskins v. BillsRedskins -749Redskins 37Bills 24
1991Giants v. BillsBills -740.5Giants 20Bills 19
199049ers v. Broncos49ers -124849ers 55Broncos 10
198949ers v. Bengals49ers -74849ers 20Bengals 16
1988Redskins v. BroncosBroncos -347Redskins 42Broncos 10
1987Giants v. BroncosGiants -9.540Giants 39Broncos 20
1986Bears v. PatriotsBears -1037.5Bears 46Patriots 10
198549ers v. Dolphins49ers -3.553.549ers 38Dolphins 16
1984Raiders v. RedskinsRedskins -348Raiders 38Redskins 9
1983Redskins v. DolphinsDolphins -336.5Redskins 27Dolphins 17
198249ers v. Bengals49ers -14849ers 26Bengals 21
1981Raiders v. EaglesEagles -337.5Raiders 27Eagles 10
1980Steelers v. RamsSteelers -10.536Steelers 31Rams 19
1979Steelers v. CowboysSteelers -3.537Steelers 35Cowboys 31
1978Cowboys v. BroncosCowboys -639Cowboys 27Broncos 10
1977Raiders v. VikingsRaiders -438Raiders 34Vikings 14
1976Steelers v. CowboysSteelers -736Steelers 21Cowboys 17
1975Steelers v. VikingsSteelers -333Steelers 16Vikings 6
1974Dolphins v. VikingsDolphins -6.533Dolphins 24Vikings 7
1973Dolphins v. RedskinsDolphins -133Dolphins 14Redskins 7
1972Cowboys v. DolphinsCowboys -634Cowboys 24Dolphins 3
1971Balt. Colts v. CowboysColts -2.536Colts 16Cowboys 13
1970Chiefs v. VikingsVikings -1239Chiefs 23Vikings 7
1969Jets v. Balt. ColtsColts -1840Jets 16Colts 7
1968Packers v. RaidersPackers -13.543Packers 33Raiders 14
1967Packers v. ChiefsPackers -14-Packers 35Chiefs 10


Super Bowl Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the favorite to win Super Bowl 56? 

The favorite to win Super Bowl 56 is the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Where is the 2022 Super Bowl? 

Super Bowl 56 will be played at SoFi Stadium at Hollywood Park in Inglewood, CA.

What are the Chiefs’ Super Bowl 56 odds? 

The Chiefs Super Bowl odds opened at +525, per DraftKings Sportsbook.