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College basketball betting is a popular form of sports betting, and with the growing popularity of the sport, it has become crucial to have a proper understanding of the game and its betting strategies. The CBB Edge Model from FTN Bets is an extremely popular and effective tool to help bettors find an edge against the sportsbook.

Edge Model for CBB Betting

The CBB Edge Model from FTN Bets provides a way for bettors to identify games that have lines that are not efficient, meaning that the odds are not correctly reflecting the true probability of a certain outcome. By finding these inefficiencies, bettors can make informed decisions and increase their chances of winning.

What is an Edge in sports betting?

An "edge" in sports betting refers to the advantage that a bettor has over the sportsbook. It means finding bets that have a higher probability of happening compared to the odds that the sportsbook is offering.

Here’s a simple example: Let’s say the sportsbooks give Team A a 52% chance of winning, but advanced models show the team actually has a 55% chance of winning. Having that information gives you an edge - and FTN Bets makes it easy with this tool.

Finding an edge is crucial for sports bettors as it can significantly increase their chances of winning - especially long-term.

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