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Seeing is believing when it comes to sports betting and FTNNetwork has free sports betting videos and tips to help get you paid. Have full access to our vast library of videos, shows, betting guides and any other visual aid to help you with your betting strategies.

FTNBets houses the majority of our betting info and picks which have a proven track record of long-term success. Whether it’s examining betting strategies for NHL OVER/UNDER shot props on “Mean Streets” with Chris Meaney or deep-diving into stats for NFL anytime touchdown scorers on “Touchdown Town” with Gilles Gallant, there are helpful betting videos for both casual and seasoned bettors to find success with.

Why Should You Watch Free Sports Betting Videos on FTNBets?

Watching educational videos on any topic can typically help comprehension in certain subjects instead of the written word. Hearing emphasis on certain words along with body language of the respective expert can leave lasting impacts on interpretation of the message. Well, sports betting is no different.

Statistics are great to use when doing research for sports betting but can sometimes be a drag when looking at player game logs or box scores all day. The numbers may start to blend together and choosing the right stats to examine can prove difficult over a period of time.

That’s why if you’re looking for free picks, it’s still good to listen to expert advice while also doing your own research too. That’s where FTNBets comes in because we can provide the free analysis you need while providing a roadmap on certain stats or metrics that are the most important to being a successful sports bettor.

How To Watch Free Sports Betting Videos on YouTube

With your phone, tablet or computer, ensure you have downloaded the YouTube app and subscribe to FTNNetwork. This way, you will get notifications if any new betting picks, guides or strategy videos have been released by our betting experts.

It’s important to know that NFL odds can move fast when news of an injury comes out or with pending weather affecting the game conditions. Being on top of the latest news and being able to react quickly is the proven way to becoming a winning sports bettor. That’s why subscribing to FTNNetwork can accommodate you and keep you informed with the latest betting news so you can have more free time.

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